It’s really weird how people view animation as something suitable for an younger audience than an older one, even when there are some good examples of western cartoons that prove otherwise.

I guess with Japanese animation, over time they’ve steadily built up the medium to not only be enjoyed by an younger crowd, but older ones, too. Even if a lot of anime nowadays aimed for older crowds seems to just be focused on cute girls being in a highschool or any variation of that, they do try to take risks with storytelling and expressing ideas. I’m not glorifying anime like it’s the holy messiah of animation, but it is interesting how their views on storytelling with animation differs from how westerners do.

I can only say the best way to probably convince people that animation can entertain teens/adults is to try to make something like that and pull it off with clever marketing or contains a writer/director famous for creating projects for older audiences. But even if that was done, it’d probably be a miracle to persuade a large amount of people.

Then again, that is one of the reasons I want to get into animation; to prove otherwise to a crowd of people who think that animation can’t properly provoke emotions or represent problems/social issues like movies aimed for adults do. A lot of people (well, people I’ve known) used to think videogames were just for kids, and look at it now! Even if a lot of mature games are FPS shooters, games like Bioshock and Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead show that they know how to tell an intriguing story to adults.

Oops sorry that I got a bit off topic at the end <m<;

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